ExpandIT Demo Shop

This website is a demonstration of the ExpandIT Internet Shop, which enables organizations to sell products via the Internet. The ExpandIT Internet Shop is closely integrated with most financial back-end systems so product and customer information can be maintained in your existing business management system. ExpandIT Internet Shop is easy to use and take little effort to implement.

It is a secure solution with high availability and it is easy to scale because it can be installed as a part of your organization’s network or hosted at an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Consequently, your Internet Shop can operate without extra investments in servers, 24x7 maintenance, security or various software programs.

ExpandIT Internet Shop is based on ASP.NET, which is the open standard from Microsoft. Therefore it is easy to extend, modify and add beneficial functionality to your organization.

This solution makes it possible for your organization to sell in multiple markets simultaneously and it supports customer specific trade agreements, multiple languages, multiple currencies and credit card payments.